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NGO Security Guard Services

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operate in an increasingly hazardous environment beset by growing dangers from both local and international forces. We at Red Scorpion Security Services are well-versed in the complexities and challenges that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) face while working in circumstances that are often restrictive, unclear, antagonistic, or fraught with danger. We provide various security services to support non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and limit the threat to the organization’s personnel and image. NGO Security Services in Delhi NCR for safeguarding and protection.

There are two significant reasons why it is difficult for NGOs to maintain security. People are reluctant to talk about safety, which means anything. The second problem is that people concentrate on the incorrect aspects of security, which causes them to waste money and give the wrong things a higher priority.


Why choose Red Scorpion Security Services?

We provide complete safety, security and minimize loss prevention. Our professional security guard services ensure no illegal activities, theft and prevent any external danger to the Organization. These services reduce the likelihood of theft and different types of criminal activity.

Remote CCTV monitoring:

Always at the leading edge of technology, video surveillance systems enable you to monitor locations remotely and react quickly and efficiently to events that may happen day or night. These systems are always at the forefront of technological advancement.

Professional Security Guards for NGO's

Our security solutions in Red Scorpion Security Services lie upon a comprehensive study of your demands and weaknesses and that they may incorporate static, mobile, and technology aspects as necessary. In addition, the security assessment provides suggestions for both the people and the equipment that are used to address your security concerns.

Mobile Patrols:

Mobile patrols are an essential part of the success of a comprehensive security system. Not only does their presence have a deterrent effect, but the rapid reaction time of the patrollers ensures better protection of your installations and your property against criminal acts. Mobile patrols play an essential role in the success of a comprehensive security system. Mobile patrols play an important role in the success of a complete security system.

Our Security Services specialists protect non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in high-threat situations. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and humanitarian programs operating in high-risk and developing areas are eligible for risk advice and security solutions from our company.


Our security services for NGOs include the following:

Risk assessments for the NGOs and surrounding area they operate in, preparing a security analysis of the site or office. Deployment of well-trained security guards to safeguard office or site associated with NGO’s.

Why Choose Our Security Services for NGO’s

Red Scorpion Security Solutions is the leading security services company, integrated risk management, and security solutions provider, you can expect us to be the reliable partners you can count on us when it truly matters.
We can provide our customers in Delhi (NCR), Noida, Gurgaon, and Pune peace of mind by ensuring that our actions and steps are guided by our core principles of honesty, trust, vigilance, and respect. Our Agency recruits and trains the best competent professionals to suit the requirements of our customers. Our security officers provide specialized on-the-ground expertise, obtain a unique insight into the reality of the area, and provide solutions customized explicitly to the problem.
We do not just provide repurposed commercial services to create an additional source of revenue; instead, the services and products we give have been developed with low-capacity NGOs and other social change agents in mind. By securing our customers' people, assets, and operations, we help make the world safer and make each day more secure.

With over large number of NGO’s operating in Delhi (NCR) working towards social cause, it’s important for a security agency to look after security services aspect of Non-profit organization. We provide security guard services for Non-profit agencies operating in Delhi (NCR) and Pune.