Hospital Security Services

The security of a hospital should be maintained thoroughly to ensure the utmost comfort and peace of the patients. However, maintaining stability inside a hospital becomes extremely tough in growing metro cities like Delhi NCR, Pune & Mumbai. Due to the growing industries and rapidly increasing number of residents, these cities dire need efficient hospital security services. The security of a hospital should be firm and empathetic. We understand that the relatives of the patients are in great distress that’s why we handle them with proper care and strictness. Otherwise, the peace and tranquility of the hospital will be compromised. Our security personnel are fully trained to handle people in distress in a way that doesn’t hamper the hospital’s environment. 

Hospital Security Guard Services in Delhi NCR

Our security guard services are crafted considering the need and size of hospital located across Delhi NCR & North India. Please look at our hospital security services to have an extensive idea of what we offer.



Security Maintenance at the Entrance and Exit of the Hospital

The entrance of any organization needs the most care and concern. Entry and exit are the two most vital points where security must be the strongest.

  • Our security guards ensure that both the entry and exit points are free of the crowd for any emergency situation. 
  • Our security professionals ensure that only ambulances and vehicles with patients stand at the entry and exit points. Our security professionals are well-trained to clear out unnecessary vehicles. 
  • Our security personnel constantly monitor the other cars and cabs to ensure they are kept in the designated parking area.

Crowd Control At the Hospital Premises

Crowd controlling is an essential quality at which our Red Scorpion Security professionals are masters. Crowd control is significant in maintaining the appropriate tranquil environment at a hospital. 

  • During the visiting hours, the hospital’s environment may get disrupted because of the massive number of visitors. But our security professionals ensure the presence of only one visitor for a patient at a time.
  • Our security guards ensure that only one attendant is with the patient.
  • Our security men ensure that OPD patients permanently reside in their specially designed areas.
  • Our security professionals ensure that no one is wandering around the hospital.

Security for Incoming Patients

Patients entering the hospital for treatment always need special attention and care. So our security guard always shows total dedication, prompt response, and respect to the incoming patients. 

  • Our security officers ensure that all the incoming patients get immediate medical attention in the quickest way possible.
  • Our security guards ensure that every IPD patient quickly gets to the admission counter for immediate medical treatment.
  • Our security professionals ensure that all OPD patients get into OPD comfortably.

Security for Outgoing Patients

Patients sent home after treatment must have a comfortable and restful way out of the hospital. And Red Scorpion Security ensures that:

  • Patients have a peaceful way out of the hospital without dealing with improperly placed vehicles.
  • Patients’ discharge becomes smooth and Hassle-free.

Security for Hostile Situation

Controlling hostile situations at a hospital is extremely important. So the sensitive approach of the Red Scorpion Security Solution is unparalleled in taking control in any hostile situation. 

  • Our security personnel control any hostile behaviour of patient’s relatives with appropriate firmness.
  • Informing police and emergency services immediately in any demanding situation.

Security for Water Treatment Plant

Security guards at the water treatment plant need to be extremely careful. With Red Scorpion Security services, you can expect unparalleled security at the water treatment plant every day with 24 hours strict vigil.

  • Our security professionals safeguard the water treatment plant at all times.

Security for AC Plant

For the most robust security, the ac plant of the hospital must have the exceptional attention of the security officer. Red Scorpion Security assures you to always check on the AC plant of the hospitals. 

  • Our security professionals ensure that the ac plant is being used by those who need it and is never overcrowded.

Security for Doctors’ Canteen

Doctors’ Canteen is a private area designated only for doctors. No other person should be allowed to enter this area.

  • Our proactive security guards ensure that no other person is present in the Doctor’s Canteen area other than doctors.
  • Our security professionals maintain perfect timely order at the Doctors’ canteen.

Security for Cash Counters

A hospital’s cash counter must have extra attention from the security officers to avoid unwanted trouble.

  • Our security officers ensure that the cash counter is always clear and no unnecessary people crowd the counter.
  • They ensure safe and fast transactions to avoid any hassle from occurring.

Security for Medicine Delivery inside Hospital

Medicine counters situated inside hospitals are especially for critical or emergency cases. So the security officer needs to have a special lookout on those medicine counters.

  • Our security professionals watch out for orderly payment and receipt collection at the medicine counters.
  • Our security guards clear out the counter from aimless people so emergency cases can get timely medication.

Locations Our Security Services are Available:

  • Hospital Security Guard Services in Delhi
  • Hospital Security Guard Services in Noida
  • Hospital Security Guard Services in Gurgaon
  • Hospital Security Guard Services in Greater Noida
  • Hospital Security Guard Services in Pune
  • Hospital Security Guard Services in Mumbai

Why Choose Red Scorpion Security Solutions

Red Scorpion Security provides well-trained security professionals capable of handling and maintaining the peace of a hospital in any industrial place. Our special qualities which make us the no.1 choice for hospital security are:

  • Prompt Response
    One of the most essential qualities of Red Scorpion Security professionals is their prompt response time. We take seconds to respond correctly to a situation so that no problem gets out of control inside the hospital premises. 
  • Unmatched Physical Strength and Correct Attitude
    Physical strength, swiftness, and proper attitude are necessary for any security personnel. Our security officers are empathetic and attentive in a hospital where everyone is worried and tensed about their loved ones.
  • Well-trained to Control any Situation
    Patients who are getting admitted can be of severe condition. Red Scorpion Security believes in making the admission process of patients faster by clearing out all the transportation and other issues.
  • Thorough Checking of Credentials
    To always maintain the peacefulness of a hospital, we ensure to allow only the necessary people inside. So, before letting any relatives to visit, we thoroughly check their credentials. We also allow only one visitor at a time for each patient to never over-crowd the hospital.

  • Maintain Perfect Order at the Hospital

    A hospital needs to remain calm and peaceful while maintaining perfect order of actions. Red Scorpion Security ensures that a hospital’s environment never gets compromised. Our dynamic security professionals also maintain an orderly way of operation.