Choosing a Good Security Agency for Society

Choosing a Good Security Agency for your Society

In today’s world, safety is becoming increasingly important. When a new infrastructure is built, whether it’s an office building, a gated community, or a standalone home, security is always on top of mind. With the high rise in the big avenues, towers, complexes, gated societies and apartments the need for security force has increased. The cities like Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon which are fast growing need security forces to minimize the risk of crimes. In the hub of these metropolitan cities you cannot suspect who is a threat to your premises. Thus, the importance of security in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon comes into the scenario. Choosing security for luxury apartments and for high rise buildings becomes so crucial. This blog features useful tips on How To Choose A Good Security Agency For Your Society. You should find a security company that is as per your expectations in providing the security forces in terms of every aspect like timing, dedication, anticipation and strength of handling.


A proper security firm has a big impact on the safety of your company, society, or house, as well as the list of perks that come with it. Here is how to choose a good security agency for your society.


1. Verify that your security firm is licensed

Any service or group that operates without a license is breaking the law. Due to this, the prior thing becomes whether the agency is licensed or not. Check if a private security agency is governed by the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, or ‘PSARA,’ which was passed in 2005. According to the license, every agency must have supervisors who have received the appropriate training and have the requisite abilities to ensure that their guards are performing their duties properly. The statute specifies the qualifications and disqualifications for guards, as well as the expected health and dress standards. The agency must begin operations within six months of acquiring the license, according to industry standards.


2. Determine the rate of guard attrition

The security industry has a high attrition rate among guards. Stress, pay, a lack of work security, and a lack of advancement are all variables that contribute to this. When choosing a security firm, it’s critical to look at their attrition rate. The rate of attrition is directly proportionate to the agency’s reliability, as a rule of thumb.


3. Request a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SLAs define what the security firm will and will not give to its clients. The agreement will cover everything, including video surveillance and guard control equipment for their guard patrol. SLAs also aid in the management of company operations for increased efficiency by explicitly defining procedures in the event of an incident. As a result, it is critical that you receive a service level agreement (SLA).


4. Ensure service quality

In the long run, doing a double check on the quality of service before hiring a security agency will pay off. Above all, how will you assure that you are getting high quality service? Here are some trust-building questions to consider: How is a guard’s misconduct dealt with? What kind of training do they have for dealing with unexpected and stressful situations? Is there a licence for every security guard? The answers will assist the decision-making team in determining the level of service provided. Also, remember that there’s no harm in requesting a trial to see if the security firm fulfils your company’s needs.


5. Check if the agency is working in compliance with the rules and regulations

No questions asked, every security agency must follow the state government’s basic rules. While most organizations have different minimum working hours for its agencies, a shift of at least 8 hours is required. Choosing a good security agency for society helps in better overall rating of the society for both investors and residents.

6. Determine whether the agency is focused on client service

Before choosing an agency to work with, make sure that client service is a key concern. A competent customer service-oriented agency will priorities its clients and positive experiences. Check to see if the agency is courteous and responsive to client questions and concerns.


7. Determine the agency’s primary focus

‘What is the Agency’s major focus?’ is one of the most crucial issues that must be answered. … Is it just security or does it include additional services? Security is one of the services provided by a few agencies, but it is not their major function. When looking for a security firm, your top concern should always be the protection of your business or neighbourhood.


8. Inquire about the security measures in place

You must check what type of equipment is employed to guarantee greatest safety to the housing society while hiring the proper security service. Is it security hardware, manual checks, or a mobile app-based security app? Due to the constant rise in crime rates, a sophisticated, high-end security system is always required to protect the community. As a result, choosing an company that delivers the most up-to-date and properly approved security equipment is strongly advised.


9. Determine how responsive they are

Even if all of the aforementioned criteria are met, they are rendered useless if a guard fails to respond appropriately in an emergency. The main differentiation in an emergency is how the agency manages the situation and resolves the problem. At all times, a security agency should be attentive to all notifications!


10. Think about the budget

Choose an agency that meets your budget while also providing the level of security you require. Several security companies charge a huge amount and guarantee you high quality service, but expense doesn’t justify the quality of the service. Price is irrelevant if the service quality is not compromised. As a result, to improve safety, establish the correct balance between quality and cost.


A better security not just reforms your present but takes care of the future too. So, if you are looking for a good security agency in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon region for various purposes such as housing board security, security for gated societies and security for high rise buildings then keep these points in mind to make your society a better one and safer.

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