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Guidelines for Choosing a Security Service in Pune

In the modern era, security is becoming more and more a concern. Security is everyone’s first thought whenever a new infrastructure is created, whether it’s an office facility, a condominium, or a self-contained vacation home. Choosing the right security service is a decision that will have a big impact on your office, business or home security and the list of benefits that come with it. Listed below are important factors to consider before selecting a security agency:

Why Pune Needs Security Services

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and a key city for economic and industrial growth. Once a powerhouse of the Maratha Empire, Pune’s rich history makes it the cultural hub of Maharashtra. Home to many colleges and universities, Pune is recognized as a leading educational destination and has earned the title of ‘Oxford of the East’. Pune has emerged as a hub for new start-ups in recent years with the rise of information technology (IT), engineering and automotive companies. The city is also known for its cultural activities such as classical music, theater, sports and literature.

Pune is one of the 109 cities shortlisted for India’s Smart City Mission. The city is putting an estimated 5.2 billion into smart city development plans. The city’s main priorities are improving urban mobility, providing access to water, enhancing citizen engagement, and improving infrastructure in the areas of energy, housing and security. India’s Department of Urban Development’s Smart Cities report sheet ranked Pune as eighth fastest city in implementing smart city plans.

Pune holds the status of second best city in India, so the city needs top security to secure the treasures to maximize this status.

Advantages of Hiring Security Services in Pune

Go for the best security service providers in Pune that can provide you loyalty, zeal, and steadiness of their skilled security staff. A sound security service company assures security and safety of highest standards to protect your Business & Working environment.

This is what a good security service persistently strives for, and it ultimately elevates it to gain the status of top security provider in Pune. The following are some qualities that lead people to depend on the best security services in Pune over time:

It always works to give your companies, valuables, and possessions the best and most reliable security help. With their strength, knowledge, and dexterity, the best professional security guards who are constantly prepared to recognize and mitigate any kind of hazards or threats, whether they are predicted or not.

The security personnel they offer are solely hired after receiving rigorous instruction from professionals. They constantly make sure that all of our security officers are fully prepared to manage any situations with grace and compassion.

In the present world, everyone mandates total, round-the-clock protection against all types of unforeseen risks, including corporations, companies, retail spaces, industries, and even citizens. As a result, they have the best and specialized security officers and safety assistants are organized to fulfill all of your safety needs and guarantee that you, your company, and your employees are always safeguarded.

Guidelines for Choosing a Security Service in Pune

1. Check if security services are licensed

It is illegal for any agency or organization to operate without a license. So the most important thing to check is whether the agency is licensed. If you are a private agency, check if you are covered by the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act/2005, also known as “PSARA”, and ensure your security personnel are performing as expected. The law lists the criteria for eligibility or disqualification of security guards. It also indicates the expected health conditions and the required dress code for guards. Per applicable standards, an agency must begin operations within six months of receiving a license.

2. Let’s know the turnover rate of security guards

The turnover rate of security guards in the security industry is quite high. This is caused by factors such as stress, wages, lack of job security and lack of growth. When choosing a security company, it is absolutely necessary to check the turnover rate. As a rule of thumb, turnover is directly proportional to agency credibility.

3. Require Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs define what a security agency does and does not provide to its customers. Whether it’s video surveillance or security control equipment for security patrols, everything is included in the contract. SLAs also help you manage your business processes and improve efficiency by clearly outlining a defined procedure in case something goes wrong. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that an SLA is provided.

4. Ensure Quality of Service

Double-checking the quality of service before deciding whether to hire a security agency pays off in the long run. But how can you ensure service quality? Here are some questions to help build trust. How are security guard misconduct handled? How trained are they to deal with unexpected and stressful situations? Are all security guards licensed? Helps decision-making teams understand the quality of service provided. Also remember that there is no harm in applying for a process to determine if the safety agency meets your organization’s needs.

5. Verify that authorities comply with state regulations

Each security authority must comply with basic state government regulations. I have no questions. Most companies have varying minimum working hours for agents, but a minimum of about 8 hours per shift is mandatory.

6. Evaluate if the agency is customer service oriented

Before you decide to hire an agency, always choose one where customer service is the number one priority. A good customer service oriented agency puts their customers and their happy experience first. Determine whether agents are responding to customer inquiries and concerns in a friendly and efficient manner.

7. Finding the agency’s primary focus

One of the most important questions to address is, ‘What is the agency’s primary focus?’ …is it just security or other services? Few institutions offer security as one but not as a primary service.

However, when looking for a security agency, the main focus should always be the security of the facility or community.

8. Inquire about the security equipment used

You should check what type of equipment is used to provide security for your Security hardware devices, manual checks, or app-based security applications? With rapidly increasing crime rates, there is a constant need for sophisticated high-end security systems to protect our communities. Therefore, we highly recommend that you choose an agency that offers thoroughly tested and up-to-date safety equipment.

9. Test Responsiveness

If all of the above criteria are checked, but the guards are unable to respond appropriately in an emergency, they will be invalidated. In an emergency, how government agencies handle situations and resolve problems is a key differentiator. Safety authorities must be able to respond to all alerts at all times.

10. Consider Your Budget

Choose an agency that fits your budget and offers the kind of security you’re looking for. Many agencies overcharge and guarantee coverage, but unfortunately it’s not worth the cost. Price doesn’t matter if service quality isn’t compromised. So find the right compromise between quality and cost to ensure better security.


Having security services in Pune is so necessary because of the infrastructure and development in the city. Also, working in a safer environment motivates your employees. They stay more focused towards their work and give better results through enhanced productivity. Thus, having security services that are best suited your requirements are necessary. Hope these points help you in choosing the right security your way that results in better goals for you to focus. At Red Scorpion Security Solutions, we have the best-in-class security professionals who are especially trained to work in Pune.

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