Red Scorpion training is dedicated to improving the standards of security service through comprehensive and innovative training of security personnel. Each Red Scorpion security practitioner, from security guards to senior management, undergoes entry-level and continuous training programs conducted by experts and specialists. We follow a rigorous process that hones individual skills in threat detection, protection, combat, fire-fighting, materials control & accounting. We also focus on soft-skills such as turn-out, bearing, courtesy, positive attitude and loyalty towards the client. Red Scorpion’s path-breaking training modules hone the personal and professional skills of our security guards and enable them to handle routine and snap requirements with ease, intelligence, and judgment.


Recruitment Basic Training Program Provided by SITI

1. Physical Aspects
2. Professional Knowledge and Skills
3. People Skills
4. Positive Attitude
5. Environmental Training (Pariyavaran)

In-House Training at Red Scorpion

1. Discipline
2. Integrity
3. Honesty
4. Loyalty
5. Courtesy
6. Responsibility
7. Hard-Work

On Site Training

1. Orientation
2. Tasks & Duties
3. Site Assessment
4. Risk Assessment
5. Threat Perceptions
6. Contingency Planning
7. Practice Drills
8. Emergency Procedures


Our Training Regime Includes

1. Basic Training
2. Specialized Training
3. Supervisory, Pre-job & Refresher Training


Refresher Courses

1. Every Six Months



Red Scorpion puts every security personnel through a structured program before being placed to ensure that his/her skill sets are up to the mark. The training includes:-

  • Physical Training- 
We provide physical training to our security professionals to safeguard clients against physical threats. The physical training includes drill, physical conditioning and unarmed combat.
  • Professional Training- We provide professional training to our security personnel to effectively handle any kind of emergency including personal protection, security patrolling, industrial unrest, liaison with police and filing of FIR, record keeping of men, materials, and vehicles.
  • Human Skills Training- We offer human skills training to our security personnel to handle all aspects of industrial relations with government departments, customer care and more. It is an important tool in the smooth functioning of a business.
  • Positive Attitude Training- We have many sessions to develop positive attitude in our security personnel to cope with difficult real-life situations which can be encountered during the performance of their tasks. We ensure that our staff maintains a positive outlook which reflects in their performance.
  • Environmental (Paryavaran) Training- We also train our security personnel to be eco-friendly in their outlook and care for the environment.



We enhance the look, feel and discipline of our security personnel by a well-regulated drill training conducted by experts. This ensures immaculate turnout, smart movements, well-coordinated responses and high standards of discipline.

Physical Conditioning & Unarmed Combat- 
We strive consciously to improve the physical fitness and mental conditioning of the trainee, enabling him to carry out sustained work and handle violent situations, thereby contributing to a healthy body and positive mind.


Search and Blocking-
 This training is emphasized upon to make the trainees aware of the manner in conducting security patrols around the organization’s premises and perimeter. At the end of the training session, the trainee learns to prevent thefts and pilferage and other crimes, illegal encroachments, and accidents. He reports of any breach of safety regulations as well as the unauthorized entry at the organization’s premises, particularly at night.


Personal Protection- Basic unarmed personal protection is far more technical than it appears. Red Scorpion ensures that our personnel is aware of all the aspects to ensure 100% security for its client.

Emergency Situations and Actions of Security Staff- Red Scorpion trains its staff to recognize any emergency pertaining to fire, bomb threat, dacoits, arson, riot, serious injury, drunkenness and sexual harassment and take immediate and appropriate action.


Liaison with Police and Filing a FIR- Red Scorpion trains its staff to maintain good liaison with the local police, and learn how to file a FIR in accordance with the existing laws, rules, and regulations.

Corporate Office- Red Scorpion provides this training to identify and assess threats to vulnerable areas and vital points in the corporate office with particular reference to VIPs working there and perform the task of patrolling.


Industrial Unrest and Right of Private Defence and Legal Aspects-  The trainees are made aware of legal aspects of crime, their statutory rights of private defense, union activities, rights and limitations and the role of security staff in situations of industrial unrest.


Security personnel are not mere gatekeepers and are expected to provide overall security to an organization or an individual. Red Scorpion provides training to make its security personnel flexible and capable of meeting the client’s requirements. After this training, the security guard gains an end-client “service” orientation, pleasant demeanor and positive attitude. He learns many social skills including-

Client and Industrial Relations- Red Scorpion trains its employees to maintain proper relations with the public and the organization’s employees. At the end of the training sessions, the trainees have an elementary knowledge of how to maintain good public relations and to resolve various types of inter-personal conflicts.

Customer Care-
 Red Scorpion teaches its employees the fundamental importance of caring for the customers and maintaining good relations with them and also to conduct themselves impeccably with them at all times.


Red Scorpion attempts to inculcate a sense of positivity in their personnel, which is infectious and often extends towards the clients.  At the end of the training session, the trainees imbibe respect and love for customers, superiors, colleagues and subordinates. They understand inter-personal relations, learn to be enthusiastic and sincere in their work; improve professionally, and have a positive attitude at home and at work.

All our programs lay stress on the positive attitude which acts as a lever for change and the benefits go far beyond the job on hand. We lay emphasis on values and behavior and encourage employees to think about their role in the organization in a wider context, thus developing loyalty and a sense of belonging By the end of the program, each of our security guards is an effective performer and an asset to the organization.


Our guards are made to realize the importance of being a part of the biosphere. They are taught to look after the environment and to treat resources with respect, conserve them and wherever possible contribute towards the cause of protecting the environment.


Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

We provide special training to make our trainees aware of the causes of fire, the types of fire, ways of operating various types of fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment. At the end of the training session, the trainee knows what to do in case of a fire emergency, take precautions to prevent the outbreak of fire and the measures to be taken for mitigation and evacuation.

First Aid and Evacuation Procedure

We provide elementary knowledge about serious accidents and illnesses; give first aid to the victims of burns, gas victims, and victims of dehydration, cardiac attack, and electric shock. At the end of the training session, the trainee has knowledge of how to use a first-aid box, elementary life-saving procedures, first responder drills and also on how to evacuate the victim for specialized care.

Traffic Control

All Red Scorpion personnel is trained in the important assignments of Access and Traffic Control which they are called on to do very often. This enables them to provide access control and monitoring of all visitors, government personnel, contractors, employees and their relations, casual labor, and others on the organization’s premises. It also enables them to control and safeguard entry and exit points on the premises, control incoming and outgoing materials to avoid pilferage; ensure vehicle control and maintain records of entries, movement, and exit from the premises.

Handling Threat of Bomb/Explosive

We provide special training to our security personnel in identification and handling of bombs/explosives and also in the precautionary measures to be taken in case of a threat. Mitigation techniques, damage-reduction, reporting to concerned government agencies, crowd control, and assistance to bomb disposal squad in their investigation of the threat and/or explosion is emphasized upon.


Besides basic and specialized training, we also provide other training modules like supervisory training, pre-job training, and refresher training for our security personnel.

Supervisory Training

We provide supervisory training to that security personnel found capable of supervisory duties. This training module covers supervision, leadership, human relationship management, substance abuse detection, and counseling, mentoring, psychological aspects of leadership, emergency response and more.

Pre-Job Training

According to each client’s requirements, our security personnel is given appropriate pre-job orientation & training. This training is based on the client’s specifications, job complexity and the level of responsibility.

Refresher Training

We give mandatory refresher training to all our security personnel twice a year. More frequent and specific training is provided as per the client’s needs and the performance of each individual.